Thursday, May 10, 2012

Fourth Grade Practices Surgery---in the lab!

Forest Creek elementary celebrated Science Day on Friday, May 4th this year. Students were able to go to many different rotations, including an archeology dig and a first aid session where students were able to hear a "patient's" breathing.  The fourth grade students were able to complete several virtual surgeries in the computer lab.  Students were able to choose from hip replacements, knee replacements, and deep brain stimulation to help with Parkinsons disease symptoms.

The students acted as doctors and surgeons in the virtual reality setting. They had to monitor patient vital signs and decide if they were healthy enough for surgery.  They were able to see what steps surgeons go through in order to prep for and then complete the surgery.  The most common comments made during the rotations were "Oh gross! That is so cool!" in one breath.  We are so glad that our students were able to participate in this virtual simulation and experience what surgeons do.

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