Thursday, March 29, 2012

Coyotes Go Live on Ki O T News

Did you ever dream of being a newscaster or being a famous reporter?  Our students are getting that opportunity.  The morning broadcast has been expanded this year to be much more interactive and engaging for the students.  Every Monday, a student interviews their teacher about where they went to college and why that college is an excellent choice for Coyotes.  On Tuesdays, a young artist shares their art each week, showing their creative side.  On Wednesdays, we invite a young author to come and share a literary piece they have worked on either at home or at school.  On Thursdays, students share book commercials they have written.  On Fridays, two junior coaches (fourth and fifth grade students) share exercises the students can do in class and have everyone practice those exercises.  By expanding our broadcast, the students are excited to watch the broadcast as well as practicing their writing and public speaking skills. We are so impressed with all our Coyote Ki O T newscasters!

Washburn's 3rd Graders Choose Technology

In March, Mrs. Washburn's third grade TAG students were learning about fractions.  They had several activities on a choice menu that they could choose from. One of their choices was teaching about fractions using technology.  Rather than tell them what technology they had to use, the students were given the opportunity to choose any technology application.  Students chose a variety of applications, including Power Point and making a video.   This is the truest form of technology integration--when we turn the students loose and let them pick how to show their knowledge.  Way to go!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Delgado's Dragons Publish

Mrs. Delgado's first grade students learned about the elements of publishing recently.  Over the course of the year, they have written and edited several writing pieces using Microsoft Word. They have learned to use Spell Check to make sure their words are all spelled correctly. They have learned to change the font style and size so their work looks the way they want it to.  Recently, they learned to use Word Art to create the cover for their book. The students not only used Word Art, they changed the orientation of the page to landscape! We are so proud of our young authors!

Sanders' Bugs Advertise!

Mrs. Sanders' kindergarten students have been studying advertising and how advertisers try to influence our purchases and our behavior.  The students analyzed the different parts of an advertisement. Once they understood some of the basic parts of an advertisement, the students came to the computer lab and used Microsoft Word to create their own advertisements for real products of their choice.  The students learned how to move pictures in MS Word and add text. They practiced changing the font sizes and making their advertisement look "good" in their own words.  The students also practiced printing their work, a skill they learned before the winter break.  Way to go, Mrs. Sanders' Bugs!