Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fulp's Flashy Fish Research Weather

Mrs. Fulp's second grade students recently researched different weather phenomenon using multiple sources.  The students then created Power Point slide shows utilizing the information they learned. The students started with a blank Power Point show and had to decide how to categorize their information so they could present it in a manner that made sense.  This is a difficult task and elevates this lesson on the Blooms Taxonomy Higher Order Thinking Skills to synthesis because the students had to gather knowledge, understand it, and then create a product.

Her students learned about Power Point in addition to weather phenomenon.  The students learned that each slide contains one main idea. The students also learned to insert clip art that was relevant and would enhance their slides. The students are able to share their presentations with their classmates using the new projectors in their classroom. The students are so proud of their work!

Please enjoy a few examples of their work. These are authentic slides and may contain a few "creative" spelling mistakes.  Students were not penalized for spelling words that were not word wall words for second grade.

Teeler's Tree Frogs Combine Technology to Become Problem Solvers

Mrs. Teeler's first grade students are using multiple types of technology to explore math problems and find multiple solutions to the problems.  Students used the document camera and projector in their classroom to share their various solutions with their classmates. This encouraged discussion of efficient, creative solutions.  Students were able to share their authentic work with their peers, encouraging deeper thinking about the problems.  Even mistakes become a wonderful learning opportunity as students expand on their thinking and correct themselves.  Mrs. Teeler used the Flip Cam to record parts of the discussion. The students are so excited about their math movie!  By recording it and sharing it, the students are realizing that their math work is important. We hope you enjoy watching these future mathematicians at work.