Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Jezisek's Students GLOG!

Mrs. Jezisek's fourth and fifth grade language arts students have incorporated Glogster as part of their novel check-up responses. Utilizing Edward DeBono's Six Thinking Hats, students are responding to literature by creating Glogsters based upon the different thinking hats. A Glog is an interactive poster that is fun and allows students to explore their creative side. Students can add videos, graphics, and moving text boxes to spice up their responses. The program also supports the National Education Standards.

Coyotes Explore Environmental Murals

Students in Mrs. Arnolds' art class explored what makes an environmental composition complete (sky, land, animals, flora) in the computer lab on Friday.  Using a Web 2.0 tool from the National Gallery of Art for Kids,  students in first through fifth grade created a tropical jungle scene filled with tigers, monkeys, and other exotic creatures. While exploring the website, the students also discovered some of the art elements Henry Rousseau used in his  paintings.  This lesson was the first lesson on murals. The other lessons are hands on activities in the art room.  The students will create a mural about the environment around Round Rock and it will hang in the garden outside the gymnasium.  The students were excited to create art on the computers. Check out the NGA Kids websites for more fabulous activities online:

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Fifth Grade Coyotes go high tech with assessment!

This year, Texas has started a new initiative to determine if fifth grade students are on track to be successful in algebra. Our fifth grade students have taken the MSTAR (Middle School Students in Texas Algebra Ready Universal Screener) the week of September 26 - 30th.  We are so proud of our students for forging ahead and taking this high tech assessment!