Tuesday, September 8, 2015

iPads for the Next Generation

Mr. Alvarez (5th grade) and Mrs. Rodgers (Kindergarten) have both been awarded the Next Generation Classroom and therefore have iPads to use with students.  These iPads are part of a district initiative and stay selectively with these teachers' classrooms.

Mrs. Rodgers is beginning her second year using iPads and students have TAKEN OFF!  Today, we completed an Acceptable Use lesson on how to properly use and care for the device, as well as display good citizenship with internet use.  Students used an app called Doodle Buggy to explore in math!

Mr. Alvarez is beginning his first year in using iPads with his 5th grade classes.  Because 5th grade is departmentalized, he uses the iPads with the three classes to which he teaches math.  Therefore, Mrs. Queton's students and Mrs. Yamout's students each have an opportunity to use the interactive devices.  Here is a picture of students completing a math warmup using Apollo from Atlas Learning!

Friday, September 4, 2015


We've wrapped up orientations with the all of the grades.  Thank you for joining us for these special nights of meeting the teachers, administration and other school personnel!  For your convenience, all presentations are housed on our main website {forestcreek.roundrockisd.org} under the tab titled 'Orientation.' You may also click on each thumbnail below, which will take you to the presentation.

August 13 - New Parent/Kinder Orientation

September 1 and 3 - Open House