Thursday, February 26, 2015

5th Grade Plays

Mrs. Yamout's Language Arts classes have been working hard to write original scripts for plays.  Each team had to include a setting, characters, and stage directions for their play. After the plays were drafted and published on a Google Doc, the script was input in Adobe Visual Communicator.  This program allows the script to scroll down the screen and students to select their own background for filming.  With the help of the ITS, students recorded their original play in a WMV file and could share it with the teacher and peers.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Ki-O-T News

Parents may remember a time when daily school announcements were read over an intercom system. In this day and age, students play an integral part in the production and presentation of Forest Creek Elementary's televised announcements.  We call this "Broadcast" and we have our very own news team called Ki-O-T News (Get it? Coyote...Ki-O-T!).

With a green screen and a software program called Visual Communicator, viewers see background and camera changes.  These talented 4th and 5th graders work very hard every morning as a team to present the pledges to the flags, the day's announcements, lunch menu, birthdays, weather, and other important news.  We also host special teachers and administrators to share character education in the Words of Wisdom.  Special students drop by to present a book review or be highlighted for winning a contest. With the help of our TAG teacher Julie Washburn and technology specialist Anne Walkup, students gain experience as anchors, writers, and sound technicians. These students have even been known to run the program without any adult interference! Their professionalism is truly world-class!