Thursday, April 12, 2012

Fulp's Flashy Fish and Kelso's Critters Tackles Power Point!

Fulp's Flashy Fish and Kelso's Critters have both been doing research about animals. They wanted to present the information they have learned to each other.  They are learning about Power Point and how Power Point can be a great tool for presenting information in an interesting way.  The students are learning how much information should go on each slide and how to make that information look interesting.  The students are also learning that you have to have your content first before you can make it look pretty!  Having a good foundation in creating interesting and meaningful presentations will serve the students well as they continue throughout their educational and professional careers. Way to go, digital natives!


  1. Good job, Kelso's Critters! I am very impressed that you are learning about Power Point in 2nd grade! Most people don't learn about that program until high school or college. You are all ahead of the game and it will serve you well. Amazing! Good luck with all of your Power Point presentations!
    -Kristine Cohen (Sydney Cohen's Mom)

  2. Good job Flashy Fish!

  3. I love hearing about all of the tech skills you are learning. Power Point can be a fun way to show your class what you've discovered. Keep up the great work!

    ~John B's Dad

  4. Way to go Flashy Fish! Keep up the good work!
    Joey's Mom

  5. Awesome job boys and girls! Power Point is a great tool and can make the research come together in a very neat way!!
    - Joey's Dad

  6. Way to go Kelso's Critters! Have fun working with Power Point!