Thursday, January 27, 2011

Garcia's Gators Get Interactive with Graphs

This year, Mrs. Garcia has a Smart Interactive Whiteboard in her classroom.  The board uses special pens to allow students to interact with electronic lessons Mrs. Garcia creates.  The students use it daily, with a special focus on math lessons. 

The students have improved their understanding of many first grade math concepts through the use of the white board. In this lesson, students focused on understanding graphs better. They answered questions about the graphs on the board and this led to deeper discussions about the graphs.  The students love being able to interact with the electronic material and control the computer through the Smart Board.  Congratuations to Garcia's Gators for using technology in such an amazing, meaningful manner!

Enjoy these few pictures of Mrs. Garcia's class using the Smart Board.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Students In Mrs. Rodgers' Neighborhood are Authors!

Mrs. Rodgers and I taught her kindergarten students how to use Microsoft Word to compose stories in.  Her students spent a fun-filled hour creating their own stories using invented spelling and punctuation.  Students were focused on writing the entire time.  Mrs. Rodgers was pleased with how well her students focused on sounding out words and re-reading their stories to themselves.  The students were so pleased with their published stories. After they were printed, the students illustrated their stories. We are so proud of our digital authors!

Here are some samples of their work:

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Projector Project Moves Forward!

Over the winter holidays, Forest Creek was updated!  Every classroom now has a digital projector and screen.  In the next month, every classroom will also be receiving a document camera.  The project will be completed in the course of this next month. The students are very excited about the projectors and the document cameras.  This equipment was purchased as part of the last technology bond.  We are excited about this new way to involve students and bring twenty-first technology into our classrooms.